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What It’s Like Attending Commercial Property Auctions

Commercial property auctions involve a lot of guts, smarts and at times an ounce of luck. It provides a platform for both sellers and buyers to trade real estate assets effectively and efficiently. While the former gets to take advantage of the demand and the market, the latter enjoys the chances of scoring a great find for lower than what it would have been sold for in the usual course of things.

But how exactly does it feel like to attend commercial property auctions? We’ve asked around and here are the top five in no particular order.

  • Overwhelming

Especially to newcomers and first time bidders, the environment can become pretty overwhelming for so many reasons. First of all, the number of assets up for grabs is aplenty and each one presents a unique and inviting offer. At the same time, there are so many investors in the house that one can easily become insecure. Still, never let these feelings overcome you. A smart investor knows to put their feelings at the back of their head and stay within logic.

  • Nerve Wracking

With so many people vying for the same assets and sellers here and there shoving offers down your throat, it can be too much for many people. It can even trigger panic attacks for some. Nerve wracking is even an understatement. But people still manage to compose themselves, at least that’s what they try to show.

  • Exciting

There are so many opportunities when one attends property auctions. Their charm still keeps attracting traders and investors alike after all these years and has even evolved into various platforms, online for example. This makes it truly exciting despite the challenges it brings.

  • Promising

How can we forget the word “promising”? Of course, we won’t. A good deal is what everyone wants and this can be achieved at auctions. For sellers, this can mean faster liquidations and returns while for buyers this can mean valuable deals. Either way or better yet both, it’s something that provides potential and in the industry of real estate, that alone says a lot.

  • Challenging

Of course since competition is at a critical high given that the nature of commercial property auctions involve intense open cry bidding, it is challenging at its core. But then as mentioned, it is a very promising platform that opens up to opportunities. After all, didn’t they say that “no pain no gain”?

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