10 Things to Look for in Commercial Investment Properties for Sale

By adminjan3104
December 11, 2017

Businesses and organizations seek commercial investment properties for sale that are beyond just a mere good deal. Price is only one of the many features to consider when seeking these pieces of real estate. After all, we need them to be effective to be worth it. That said, here are 10 key features to watch out for whilst you search.

#1: Adequate Size – Depending on how you plan to use the asset, the dimensions, number of rooms and size requirements will vary so know your needs well.

#2: Strategic Features – Likewise, be on the lookout for certain features to the establishment that’s crucial to your business.

#3: Ample Parking Space – Nothing drives customers away, even the most loyal of patrons, than the unavailability of adequate parking space. Check if the building comes with t if there are other options available near.

#4: Convenience – It’s always more effective for businesses to choose to invest in commercial properties for sale that provide convenience in transportation for employees, vendors and more specifically for customers. Check both private and public transportation options within the area first.

#5: Foot Traffic – They say location is king in real estate and they’re right. Foot traffic means exposure not just to customers but even to that part of the market that hasn’t been captured yet. The higher the foot traffic the better.

#6: Market Compatibility – Choose real estate investments that complement your target market for maximum benefits. High foot traffic is great but not without the presence of your customers.

#7: Safety and Security – You’d want to safeguard assets and people and what netter way to do that than to choose a commercial property with adequate security features in an area with low crime rate and aren’t often subjected to harsh natural calamities.

#8: Value Growth – Business or not, it’s obviously wise to choose investments that grow in value over time and one where, if we ever find the need to, can be leased out or resold at a profit.

#9: Reasonable Price – What’s the use of all the above aspects combined when the asset is severely overpriced? Check the market for the value of similar properties for comparison.

#10: Low Ongoing Costs – Consciously seek for commercial properties for sale that have minimal repairs and maintenance costs and requirements as this can impact the business in the long run. Unlike the list price, this isn’t a readily available information and don’t form part of purchase costs. One will have to get the asset surveyed first.

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