10 Things to Look for in Commercial Investment Properties for Sale

Businesses and organizations seek commercial investment properties for sale that are beyond just a mere good deal. Price is only one of the many features to consider when seeking these pieces of real estate. After all, we need them to be effective to be worth it. That said, here are 10 key features to watch out for whilst you search.

#1: Adequate Size – Depending on how you plan to use the asset, the dimensions, number of rooms and size requirements will vary so know your needs well.

#2: Strategic Features – Likewise, be on the lookout for certain features to the establishment that’s crucial to your business.

#3: Ample Parking Space – Nothing drives customers away, even the most loyal of patrons, than the unavailability of adequate parking space. Check if the building comes with t if there are other options available near.

#4: Convenience – It’s always more effective for businesses to choose to invest in commercial properties for sale that provide convenience in transportation for employees, vendors and more specifically for customers. Check both private and public transportation options within the area first.

#5: Foot Traffic – They say location is king in real estate and they’re right. Foot traffic means exposure not just to customers but even to that part of the market that hasn’t been captured yet. The higher the foot traffic the better.

#6: Market Compatibility – Choose real estate investments that complement your target market for maximum benefits. High foot traffic is great but not without the presence of your customers.

#7: Safety and Security – You’d want to safeguard assets and people and what netter way to do that than to choose a commercial property with adequate security features in an area with low crime rate and aren’t often subjected to harsh natural calamities.

#8: Value Growth – Business or not, it’s obviously wise to choose investments that grow in value over time and one where, if we ever find the need to, can be leased out or resold at a profit.

#9: Reasonable Price – What’s the use of all the above aspects combined when the asset is severely overpriced? Check the market for the value of similar properties for comparison.

#10: Low Ongoing Costs – Consciously seek for commercial properties for sale that have minimal repairs and maintenance costs and requirements as this can impact the business in the long run. Unlike the list price, this isn’t a readily available information and don’t form part of purchase costs. One will have to get the asset surveyed first.

Property Investment Hacks to Safer Spaces

When buying a property investment, safety is one of the key features that must be given importance. After all, who doesn’t want to protect both lives and assets? But as is with most things, it is always easier said than done. Don’t you fret though because we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that may just make the chore a tad bit easier. Take a look.

    • Start with a property investment that’s safe to begin with. It pays to scrutinize an asset prior to buying it. For example, opt for a quiet and safe neighborhood. Choose an area with a low crime rate and one that does not suffer from frequent natural disasters and/or accidents.
    • Secure all windows and entryways. When you first move into a property investment, change all locks and be wary as to who you give your codes and keys to. Check if there are any faulty locks or risks to trespassing and if there are, act on them immediately. Never wait it out.
    • Change your furnace filter often. Two to three months is the most ideal. Not only will this ensure air quality inside your space but it should also help bring utility bills down while preventing risks of fire altogether.

  • Store your stuff properly. At first look, organization may only be a thing for putting everything in a system and adding visual cohesiveness but it does more than that. Providing for a proper place for things especially those that may be sharp or flammable will help ensure safety for everyone and even the property.
  • Never overload electrical outlets. Octopus wiring is a highway to a fire disaster. Make it a point to regularly check and inspect the property investment’s wiring system too. This should also be one of the key features to check on prior to purchasing and moving in.
  • Turn off the water during the winter. At least for those external taps, it would be a wise practice to turn them off so water doesn’t freeze within the pipes and snap. It’s going to be both costly and a mess if they do.
  • Add security features. Whether you’re out for work or vacation or you’re simply sound asleep in your property investment, security features will help keep everyone and everything safe. Alarms for example are one. Make sure to lock all windows and doors too and where budget allows, install a CCTV system.


What It’s Like Attending Commercial Property Auctions

Commercial property auctions involve a lot of guts, smarts and at times an ounce of luck. It provides a platform for both sellers and buyers to trade real estate assets effectively and efficiently. While the former gets to take advantage of the demand and the market, the latter enjoys the chances of scoring a great find for lower than what it would have been sold for in the usual course of things.

But how exactly does it feel like to attend commercial property auctions? We’ve asked around and here are the top five in no particular order.

  • Overwhelming

Especially to newcomers and first time bidders, the environment can become pretty overwhelming for so many reasons. First of all, the number of assets up for grabs is aplenty and each one presents a unique and inviting offer. At the same time, there are so many investors in the house that one can easily become insecure. Still, never let these feelings overcome you. A smart investor knows to put their feelings at the back of their head and stay within logic.

  • Nerve Wracking

With so many people vying for the same assets and sellers here and there shoving offers down your throat, it can be too much for many people. It can even trigger panic attacks for some. Nerve wracking is even an understatement. But people still manage to compose themselves, at least that’s what they try to show.

  • Exciting

There are so many opportunities when one attends property auctions. Their charm still keeps attracting traders and investors alike after all these years and has even evolved into various platforms, online for example. This makes it truly exciting despite the challenges it brings.

  • Promising

How can we forget the word “promising”? Of course, we won’t. A good deal is what everyone wants and this can be achieved at auctions. For sellers, this can mean faster liquidations and returns while for buyers this can mean valuable deals. Either way or better yet both, it’s something that provides potential and in the industry of real estate, that alone says a lot.

  • Challenging

Of course since competition is at a critical high given that the nature of commercial property auctions involve intense open cry bidding, it is challenging at its core. But then as mentioned, it is a very promising platform that opens up to opportunities. After all, didn’t they say that “no pain no gain”?

Commercial Property Auction Video

Find out more about auctions at this website:www.singerviellesales.com/english

Guidelines for First Time Property Investment UK Buyers

We all have a first time in everything from going to school to driving a car to buying our own house. Speaking of that last bit, have you ever purchased a property investment UK? If you’re a certified newbie, the guideline below was made for you. You better start taking notes.

  • Start with a plan. This may sound redundant by now but preparation is key to everything. You can’t just wing it especially if a very valuable asset is at stake. Moreover, plans serve as a map and guide to the task at hand.
  • Know where to set the bar. When it comes to investing, regardless of type and size, it’s important to challenge oneself and stay realistic at the same time. It’s a difficult mix but it’s what it takes to succeed.
  • Be financially ready. A common mistake among newbie investors is that they only prepare the needed finances only after having found a property investment UK they like which is a huge mistake. Because majority of funding sources take time to accumulate and/or apply for, it has to be done earlier in order to be made available on time.
  • Welcome knowledge. As a new comer to the world of real estate, one has to educate themselves on the basics at the very least. After all, it would be particularly hard to understand and grasp the facts, details and tasks at hand if one is out of the loop.
  • Be aware of the legal implications. There’s a lot of legal work that comes into purchasing a real estate asset. For instance, there’s a need to validate ownership titles and the presence of contracts. Caution is a must and so is a good eye for detail.
  • Know when to ask for help. Buying properties requires so much and one simply cannot do it on their own. Of course, there’s always the option between hiring a real estate agent or doing it yourself. Still, there are professionals that need to be hired regardless of which of the two you prefer. For instance, there’s a chartered surveyor to assess the asset pre-acquisition and a solicitor or lawyer to work on the legal requirements.
  • Look around you. There are a lot of property investment UK options in the market and one need not impulsively jump at the first asset you see. Make sure to perform all the needed procedures and carefully examine if it indeed fits your needs.

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Establishments that Affect the Value of Property Investments for Sale

Change is good. It should make you excited. But moving house isn’t all roses and butterflies. If anything, it’s the perfect bittersweet concoction that’ll leave you both excited and tired. Now, when in search for property investments for sale aka your future abode one has to pay attention not only to the asset at hand but also to its surroundings.

What do we mean by that? You see, the value of property investments for sale is also massively affected by the other assets in its surrounding area case in point, the following establishments.


We all need food. Who doesn’t anyway? The nearer an asset is to establishments like cafes, restaurants, fast food joints, bakeries, pastry houses, groceries, convenience stores, farmer’s markets and the like, the higher its value tends to get. Why? Convenience, that’s why.


We all need a place where we can put our hard earned earnings into safekeeping. This applies to both individuals and organizations. But this category does not only revolve around banking institutions from whom we lend from and to whom we safeguard our money with. This also includes accounting firms, financing advisory agencies and similar establishments.


The proximity of hospitals, clinics, fire departments and police stations are also crucial and appraising. Emergency situations can never be predicted and sometimes no matter how much we try to avoid these unlikely circumstances, we still come across them every once in a while. A property that has easy access to these life-saving establishments also helps increase its value over time.


Property investments for sale near schools, universities and similar educational institutions are always valued well because they create and promote demand. Add in the factor of foot traffic, they are the best when it comes to exposure and easy reach.


Nobody wants to live beside the noisy train tracks or the airport takeoff grounds but a lot of us would want to be near it (read reasonably near) so as to enjoy convenience in transportation. The easier it is to go to and from a particular property, the more it is valued in the market.

Sure, this is only one of the many factors to consider but it plays an important role in evaluating the value of property investments for sale today and in the days to come.


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